Thursday, October 23, 2008

Music for the masses

Unlike mothers in democracies, I do not subject myself to bad music. When my kids were really little, I once had a mother tell me "Oh, just you wait until they make you take them to see the Wiggles in concert!"

I'm sorry? Who's the grown up? Who drives the car? Who has the credit card? That's right, it's ME, which means my kids can't MAKE me do anything. And I'll join Sarah Palin on a moose hunt before I pay money to be annoyed.

On the Wiggles' front, my brother told me that one of the Wiggles was really sick. Me being me of course, I said "Wassa matter? Did da wittle Wiggle have tickelitis?" Nope. Apparently Greg Page (the yellow one) has Orthostatic intolerance and means he may have trouble with walking, balance, speech, and coordination.

I'm such a jerk.

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emily said...

You're not a jerk, as quite a few people probably made a similar assumption :)

I've got to say, as a kid, my parents just took me along to concerts they wanted to go to -- providing I behaved. I think the only one that was even mildly kid-dictated was the Raffi one, and I assure you, had my Mom not loved it (there was a folk theme in my childhood) we would not have gone!